Access YouTube from places with filtered internet access super easily

Being in charge of creating protocols for the IT department always puts you in a unique solution to see lots of fun scenarios. One thing that I recently learn was that there are tools out there that lots of people (in my case kids) to access sites that we block. One this day I noticed abnormally high traffic on our main backbone. So I decided to investigate. I noticed lots of video files that ranged from a couple hundred megs to a few hundred. The filenames were also a string of characters. Upon digging more I noticed this kids were going on YouTube. Obviously this is a huge no no. Then I found out they were using a special tools called a web proxy. Who would have thought that you could unblock YouTube really easily by visiting a simple site. If you were to sit here and ask any seasoned IT person, they would tell you that you have to run a VPN and connect to a server and so on. Essentially that’s the complete complicated method to achieving the same thing. These kids are getting smarter and smarter.

But working at a school, honestly this is a great thing. They are learning even if they are using what they learn for things that are counter productive to their actual learning they should be focused on. But then again you never know. Maybe something as simple as that will get them onto a career path they maybe would not have ever considered before. In this case though I had to put a stop to it since it was eating up a lot of bandwidth.

If you have you idea what a proxy server is, check out this cool clip.

If you are a student and you are reading this, I encourage you to play this this software mentioned on there. Who knows, maybe you will like it. If you want to learn more you can always shoot me a message.