How to use a proxy website to get access to youtube

youtubeOne cool trend that we have been noticing in our work in IT is the popular use of proxies. These are those sites where you visit them and then enter a URL you want to go to. That site then goes and fetches the contents of that site so you can view it. There is now a new spin to these sites. They are now known as a youtube proxy website. These in specific are known to help unblock youtube. Its a known fact that youtube is blocked in most school and libraries around the country. For us as IT people, we need to stay ahead of the curve and make sure these type of sites are always blocked with the use of our web filters. One cool trick is just to constantly monitor the sites students go on and then just look for proxy sites. Then you can just go in and add them to the blacklist. Its usually not long before they find new sites they can use. You have to keep doing this. Another cool trick is to go and subscribe to proxy site mailing lists and block them as soon as a new one is made. You can even report these sites to the global filter so other schools using this web filter will have them blocked as well.

Servers and technology now has a live online policy

You might be wondering a bit what this site is about. Here all we are going to do is talk about all of the policies and procedures systems administrators should know. These will apply if you are doing server maintenance or even new installations. Lots of our youth is learning to setup complicated systems. If will be very nice to see if they learn some of the fundamentals. This like server naming conventions as well as software installation and maintenance. We have a lot more coming so keep checking us out!